40 years of quality

Eurol has been the biggest independent lubricant manufacturer from The Netherlands for over 40 years. We have grown based on our strive for quality, and our products are now available in over 80 countries.

360 Degree Service

In keeping with our full-service approach, we provide a complete product portfolio of lubricants, additives, cleaning and maintenance products and technical fluids. We produce and supply approved and OEM-specified lubricants. We offer products for a wide range of segments, including the automotive, transport, bicycle and motorcycle markets, agriculture, earth-moving equipment, industry, and maritime transport.

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Eurol History

Pioneering entrepreneurship and a sense of quality were Johan Pfeiffer’s drive to launch the Eurol company and brand in Nijverdal in 1977. At that time the Eurol product range consisted of just motorcycle lubricants. Thanks to a sophisticated marketing campaign and various successes in motorsport, the Eurol brand quickly became a familiar name in the Netherlands.

In the 1980s the product range expanded to other segments, such as automotive, bicycles, industry, truck, and agri. In the nineties the company began handling its own production. With control of production and in-house R&D facilities Eurol could guarantee better, consistent quality. Since then Eurol has been the only independent Dutch producer of lubricants.

International ambition

In the following years Eurol rapidly became a major player in the global market. Johan Pfeiffer had a clear international ambition from the outset, and that is reflected in the logo: ‘Eurol’ is a combination of ‘Europe’ and ‘Oil’. The logo also has a second meaning, found in the joined ‘e’ and ‘o’, which visually reflects our brand name.

Eurol Brand Name and Awareness

International awareness of the Eurol brand has skyrocketed since the 2000s in connection with the sponsoring campaigns for various teams in competitions such as the Dakar Rally. The cooperation with importers and dealers is closer than ever and this is helping to build our reputation worldwide. Since 2016, with the support of Tom Coronel, we are actively involved in the international FIA WTCR championship, so the Eurol brand is now reaching an even larger audience.


The development of technology has taken a huge flight in the last decade. Manufacturers are also becoming more demanding in their requirements. This has made it necessary to place even more emphasis on research and development, leading to the development of Eurol Specialty Lubricants with SYNGIS® Technology, with which we offer solutions for increasingly complex lubrication issues. Today, over 200 employees develop and produce a premium range of lubricants, greases, technical fluids, and cleaning and maintenance products for various market segments.

Social initiatives

We are actively involved in a number of social and societal initiatives, such as those of Stichting Groot Hart, the Dutch Heart Foundation, and Stichting Zorgeloos Kind. Each year, in collaboration with our sponsor teams, we provide sick children with an unforgettable day at racetracks and rallies. In keeping with our high regard for social responsibility, all the promotional and company clothing we purchase also meets the standards of the FairWear Foundation, an initiative working to eliminate child labour.

Eurol: Original Equipment

Our products have been approved by leading motor vehicle manufacturers. As such, Eurol has ‘O.E.M. approval letters’ for various lubricants.

Both existing and new products are tested under controlled conditions, including laboratory testing and the use of test benches. This is followed by real-world tests to measure load duration and peak loads.