Automobiles are now an object that shows the lifestyle of their users.

The design of the vehicles they use reflects the owners' experiences, characters, and perspective on life. Automobile manufacturers go for more product diversification by observing the differences in needs and demands.

With each passing day, automobile models appear to us with different structures, styles and varieties, even customizable.

Egemot Automotive was founded in 2002, in the years when the needs became more demanding and the product variety started to increase, to create differences in automotive after-sales services, to provide quality and maintenance-repair services that meet the needs, to meet the increasing range of parts on time and to produce solutions by listening and understanding the vehicle owner.

Egemot, which has TSE 12047 Authorized Service Qualification Certificate, experienced and technical expert staff in the automotive service business, all service technical equipment; became Turkey distributor of Germany's most preferred brand Liqui Moly in 2016, that in motor oils and additives area the world's leading company in the market; while in 2020; became Turkey distributor of Eurol that produce the largest independent motor oils and technical fluids and has operations in more than 80 countries, more than 40 years of Netherlands.

Based on the 360 degree service concept, EGEMOT; It continues its activities to meet all the services you will need in the process from the purchase to the sale of a car.

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